No matter what 2-way power divider you need, P1DB has it. Shop our online selection and discover all the high-quality parts you need today.

Find the 2-Way Power Divider You Need in Our Online Store

Finding the right frequency range for your 2-way power divider is key to the success of your project. That’s why P1DB offers a range of 2-way power dividers in a variety of frequency ranges. Check out our online store and see 2-way power dividers from a minimum of 500 Mhz all the way up to a maximum of 18 GHz. With that kind of range, you are sure to get the part you need to make your project a success. If you don’t see the range you need in a part listed in our online store, don’t worry. Our team can work with you to create the 2-way power divider in the correct frequency range.

The right frequency isn’t the only thing you’ll need to worry about when it comes to a 2-way power divider. You’ll also want to ensure you have the right connections, as well as the proper insertion loss and isolation. Getting the right part for the job will help make sure that the signal when you are finished is as strong as possible, something that’s vital to the success of your project. Using the wrong 2-ways power divider could result in loss of signal and frustration on the part of the end-user.

Talk to our team today about getting the 2-way power divider that you need. Our staff has experience using these parts, too, so we understand what you need and can help you find it. Talk to us about placing an order for our in-stock pieces or having a custom 2-way power divider created for you. Don’t forget to ask about our bulk discount pricing, too. Call us at 888-512-7132 for a custom quote on the 2-way power divider that you need today.

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