Discover the great features and benefits of the SMA male to male flexible cable assembly available from P1dB today.

Learn More About Our SMA Male to Male Flexible Cable Assembly

Finding the right cable assemblies is vital to any RF and microwave project. That’s why more people are counting on P1dB for their cable assemblies. We have a great selection of cable assemblies ready to order in our online store and offer fast shipping so you get the items that you need quickly. One RF cable assembly that has been especially popular with our online customers is P1CA-SAMSAM-RD316-60. This is a flexible cable assembly with a lot of great features.

First, the cable assembly is a generous 60 inches long. That means you’ll have the length that you need to get your cable where it needs to go, without sacrificing the quality of your signal over multiple connections. Second, the cable assembly has an SMA male to male connections, some of the most common connections in the RF world. You’ll love how these connections give you plenty of options when it comes to connecting your assembly to other components. Lastly, this cable assembly is an RD316 cable type that operates at a maximum frequency of 6 GHz and has an impedance of 50 Ohms.

If you are interested in this cable assembly, give our team a call at 888-209-5513 for a delivery estimate. If this cable assembly isn’t quite what you need for your next RF project, take a look at the other RF assemblies available in our online store. We offer custom cable assemblies as well, so you can call our team for a quote on the custom piece that you need. Let P1dB take care of all of your RF and microwave components needs with our selection of high-quality gear!

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