Need to make sure our RF power transistor is going to work for your next project? Request a sample part and we’ll send it to you right away. Order now!

Request a Sample of Our UTV and VTV RF Power Transistor

There are a lot of companies out there promising you that their RF power transistor is the best one that you can purchase for your project. When you are depending on the transistor that you purchase to help your project succeed, you want to make sure that you really are buying the best and getting a product that you can rely on. P1dB wants to help make it easier to get the RF transistors that you need! That’s why we’re offering samples of our RF transistors, including our popular UTV005.

The UTV005 has a frequency minimum of 0.47 GHz and a maximum frequency of 0.86 GHz, with an output power of 0.5 Watts and a supply voltage of 20 V. This RF transistor is great for a variety of uses and follows the rest of our RF components in their reputation of reliability and durability in the field. So you can ensure that this is the piece that you need for your next project, you can order a sample of this UTV transistor. We’ll send it to you right away so you can verify measurements and other compatibility concerns before placing your order.

If you decide that this is the RF transistor that meets your needs, you can place an order either through our website or over the phone with our team. We’ll make sure that you get the transistors that you need and may even be able to offer price breaks on bulk purchases. Get all of the RF and microwave components that you need from P1dB today!

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